Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Naughty Puss

I don't think Simba could believe his luck a inside tree.Yippee. This is his second Christmas with us and he must have forgotten that cats are NOT ALLOWED in Christmas trees. So now I have to remember to keep the lounge room door closed.Its just like having small children in the house again and trying to keep them out of  certain rooms. Its a beautiful morning here in Melbourne thought you might like to see the glorious blue sky.

Also the Gardiners and Hydrangea are in full bloom.

So now off  to finish my Christmas shopping. I hope it does not  take to long to find a car park.Fingers crossed.



  1. that is a cute photo of the cat in the Christmas tree - it reminds me of the time long ago when we had a cat in the house - the first year we had the cat we woke up one morning to find that the cat was in on empty box that had been left under the tree by accident after the unwrapping had taking place - she was just sleeping in the box like she was present. thankfully she had left the tree alone

  2. What a funny cat! can't be that comfortable in a prickly tree surely? Lovely garden photos - can smell those gardenias from here!
    Every Stitch

  3. Susie your garden looks beautiful. I think you you should have the photo of Simba in the tree framed - he looks soo gorgeus!!!! Helen F