Sunday, 12 May 2013

Mothers Day

Yesterday we had our traditional mothers day family gathering. My mums birthday often fell on the same day and as this is the first mothers day without her my sister Janine and I decided to create a new memory of mum. We started by breaking some of mums china something I don't think mum would have been to pleased about. It was a beautiful day in Melbourne yesterday lots of sunshine and a light wind.

waiting to be smashed

Picking the right piece

Sticking in place

Ready to grout
So now we each have small pieces of those special cups, saucers and plates. The things I remember from when I was young that you only got to use for best.

We all had a great day. A few tears but lots of smiles and laughs and good memories. Happy Birthday Mum. Love and miss you.


  1. I cant find your email adres...I will thank you so much for the pattern of Briar Hill!!!!
    What a surprise...*Ü*....
    Have a nice day!!!!