Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Summer Sewing

This ugly (in a good way) fabric has been at the shop for a while now. Finally found the right pinks to go with it.

Some of the pinks I begged, borrowed and stole.
not a good colour representation
way to yellow

Now the top is finished, backing needs to be chosen then off to the quilter. Even though its  been so hot in Melbourne this summer I have managed to start several new projects. So far this is the only one that's near to complete which is odd because normally I prefer hand sewing but I must say I have enjoyed sewing this one together on the machine. Can't believe I just said that!



  1. Love this ! The 'ugly' is a wonderful fabric but difficult to use - and you have made a fabulous project with it! The combination with the pinks and toiles is inspirational.

  2. I so appreciate this information! I have always adored old quilts and was fortunate enough to live in Virginia, upstate New York, and when we travel we seek out museums which feature quilts. My husband also quilts and appreciates the history of fabrics, patterns, and techniques. Now I will be searching for these vintage Prussian blues in the old quilts and of course the reproduction fabrics! Thank you!